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Website for Sale – Horror Movie Web


Asking Price: $270 AUD


HorrorMovieWeb is a website for horror movie fans, by horror fans. It’s an online space for sharing horror movie information with fans of the horror movie genre, whether slasher, paranormal, foreign, zombie and everything in-between. Articles comprise niche horror movie reviews, news on latest releases, best of lists and similar articles, for a broad audience ranging from casual watchers to hardcore horror geeks.

This Website Would be Great For…

  • Film production houses specializing in horror film, who want an established website to help fast-track their business online presence using an SEO content branding strategy.
  • Aspiring film reviewers and film students looking to build their personal online presence, this allows you to jump into an established website without needing to build from scratch.
  • Beginner SEO’ers looking for a low-pressure website to practice their SEO and content branding skills, in a niche that offers good potential for traffic growth and ad monetization.

Whether you keep the existing branding and content to build upon, rebrand and edit the content to make it your own, or strip it completely and keep the aged domain only… the opportunities are endless.

Reason for Selling

I am downsizing my website portfolio, and prefer to focus my efforts on a few other websites instead. In addition, the horror genre no longer aligns with my spiritual beliefs, so I am keen to pass the website onto a new owner who will appreciate it more than I can.

Website History

I purchased this passion website on Flippa in 2021. The seller was a genuine horror movie fan geek, who created the website simply because he enjoyed watching and reviewing horror movies. He is not a native English speaker, therefore some of the articles are in broken English. However, all the content is otherwise original, thoughtfully crafted by a passionate horror fan and human-written, with no AI written content whatsoever, which I know because all articles were written before AI tools became mainstream.

After I acquired the website, I proofread and edited the articles with the highest traffic and added a few more articles myself. While I edited many articles to improve the English, there are still some articles that have not been proofread and will have broken English, simply because I didn’t have time or inclination to fix every single one.

Soon after my initial fixes to the website, I became busy with other projects and HorrorMovieWeb has been neglected with no new content added since late-2021. As a result, traffic has been steadily dropping, but I genuinely feel based on my SEO keyword research that with some focused effort and fresh content, there is good potential for traffic growth in this niche and specific horror sub-niches that I can share with the new owner.

Vital Statistics

This website is a fixer-upper, and as such, the traffic and domain authority is not impressive. The strength of this website lay in the original human content written by a passionate fan of the horror genre, the aged domain name, and existing branding and website ready for refurbishment.

  • Domain Name: (renewed until 19 April 2025)
  • Domain Age: 5 years (established April 2019)
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Traffic: Negligible (40 users/month)
  • Domain Authority (SEMrush): 2

For serious buyers, I can also provide:

  • SEMrush Site Audit Report
  • Ubersuggest Site Audit Report
  • Access to live Google Analytics

Monetisation Opportunities

Google Adsense was on the website as you can see in the screenshot below, but was recently removed due to negligible revenue. There may be potential for affiliate monetization for streaming platforms and entertainment services, although I have not personally explored these options. Paid reviews and guest posting is a possible monetisation opportunity, and the website has indeed received offers of this nature in past from businesses and individuals seeking promotion for their horror films.

Note: Although the website was approved for Google Adsense in my ownership, there is no guarantee that the new owner would be approved for Google Adsense.

More Information

For more information, please contact Ayla Marika via the contact page.

I can offer SEO strategy, visual branding, website development and graphic design services at a discounted rate to the new owner.

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