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Ayla Marika (Forssa Light Publishing) has worked closely with the Canberra Comedy Festival in the role of Graphic Designer, since the festival was established in 2012.

She illustrated the iconic logo, and has crafted the annual design concept for the festival every year since 2015, along with developing posters, programs, flyers, signage and countless other graphic design deliverables. Ayla Marika has played a pivotal role in developing the visual brand of the Canberra Comedy Festival, and in developing several sub-brands including Festival Club, the Gala and the Canberra Comedy Festival Debate.

In addition to graphic design, she has also been involved in writing and editing copy for Canberra Comedy Festival marketing materials, and providing strategic advice for their marketing, advertising and website.

Canberra Comedy Festival


Year: 2012 to Current


  • Logo illustration and design
  • Company style guide
  • Annual visual design concept
  • Graphic design (inc. program, posters, flyers, ads)
  • Writing and proofreading text for use in designs
  • Development of sub-brands, including logo and visual design concepts
  • Strategic advice for design, marketing and website

Ayla has produced amazing work for the Canberra Comedy Festival since its inception 10 years ago. This includes the iconic festival logo and program covers. I continually get comments from members of the public, performers, venue owners and media about how we ‘nailed the design’. That credit goes to Ayla.

Patrick Hornby, Associate Director, Canberra Comedy Festival
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